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Leaders who can stay optimistic and upbeat, even under intense pressure, radiate the positive feelings that create resonance. By staying in control of their feelings and impulses, they craft an environment of trust, comforts and fairness. And that self-management has a trickle down effect from the leader — Daniel Goleman

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Did GAP did right thing by withdrawing its logo?

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Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category General on 2014 04, 09

Golden Fish- A colour pencil art

Included here with is a drawing of Golden fish completed with color pencil from Derwent on 300 GSM A4 size paper.

I hope everyone will like it.

Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category Marketing on 2014 03, 13

Crossing the chasm of traditional barriers in marketing art


Painting of Lord Jagannath from Raghurajpur village- taken from internet

I have read somewhere “One Swallow does not make a summer” but Jagnnath Mohaptra is one man that proved this proverb wrong. Several years ago, when this farmer-turner-artist, started gaining unprecedented fame for his Odisha artwork. He started teaching a few villagers the technique of creating these artworks.

Today’s because of his initiative, Raghurajpur, a small village in Puri district, Orissa, is inhabited by artisans producing masterpieces of art in treated canvas, dried palm leaf or paper and many other mediums. Read about him and Raghurajpur over here >> doright.in

But as is with all art forms, art itself may give satisfaction but does not fill in the stomach to take care of the next day work. They need patrons, a single art may fetch anywhere from Rs. 500 to 5000 depending on size, medium, complexity etc.

There are dependencies as well; like the art should be picked up as soon as it is completed, there are middlemen that takes away lions-share  Click here to Read more

Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category General on 2014 02, 22

A trip to hospital

The condition of Harish was serious at-least I thought so, as I just got to know he was in hospital for last 6 days. While I was in lift and exchanging nicities with Rita (Harish’s Wife) I got to know, Harish is back from Bombay and is admitted to the hospital for last 5-6 days …. Enjoy reading this small story with hilarious ending

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Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category General on 2014 02, 11

Knowledge or Creativity- Which is more important

This article is on the Knowledge and creativity. Is knowledge removes ignorance and leads to intelligence, but what is the role of creativity in it. Go on read this article.

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