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Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category Paintings on 2015 03, 31

Tajmahal in Evening time- A watercolor Painting

An evening at Tajmahal is always wonderful, I had visited this place when I was in college. Since those days I always wanted to paint this magnificent structure in watercolor.  When I saw this photograph, I immediately latched to my attention. While I made all sketch, I was little skeptical as would I be able to achieve this feat. It had many minute details and I was not at all comfortable with the shadows in the water, not to mention white color Tajmahal with shadows and clouds made me nervous. However, I tried and now it for your turn to judge and comment

Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category Business on 2015 03, 31

eGovernace in India- A perspective

Digital TransformationDemocratic set-up of India gives rights for better education, health and finance to it’s all citizen but the vastness and demography of country also present challenges for some of its citizen to use this very basic rights. It is not that in past it was never tried but in this age of information technology, we have really not used the digital technology to render the good citizen services and better governance. Digital Technology, is a great enabler. It can help to deliver responsive, efficient services effectively with better transparency, adherence to rules of law with equitable and inclusive participation by citizens.

The 2 quotes by eminent personality from technology field are great pointers.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” – Einstein

“Excellence is not by accident. It is a process, where an individual or organisation or nation continuously strives to better oneself”,- Dr. APJ Kalam

India has to think innovative solutions to solve old problems. Government can be a great catalyst to build the Click here to Read more

Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category Paintings on 2015 03, 21

Sunrise in Kanyakumari- A watercolor Landscape


A Sunrise landscape at Kanyakumari represented in watercolor. We had recently visited Kanyakumari, we could manage to see the sunrise inspite of cloud weather. This painting is based on the photograph I took early in morning at the beach. This was a really quick one could finish in couple of hours, if you like please drop in two comments

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Authored by Sudeep Gupta under Category Paintings on 2015 02, 28

Snow Landscape in watercolor


A snow landscape in watercolor completed in February 2015. Made on A3 size 300 GSM paper. It depicts a cottage in the snow filled mountain backdrop that has pine trees, snow has deposited on the shallh ow valley with brilliant hues of blue on the sky. The cottage has a water body near by and a beautiful stone in the front gives an awesome look.

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